Chris Davios Formally known as Chris Davis, Sr. was born in the small town of Hopkins, South Carolina to in the winter of 1972. Christopher’s family was somewhat dysfunctional. At a young age he witnessed domestic violence, attempted murder and was even molested/rape by the hands of family members. 

He started making decisions based on what he believed was normal.  So at the young age of 17, after getting a girl pregnant, he married her which set the course for the roller coaster ride that became his life for 18 years. Even though he worked hard to provide for his family, his sacrifices and diligence were not enough to satisfy his wife. His children had to watch as he was unfairly accused of infidelity, shot at, manipulated, and emotionally abused over the years. 

He turned to gospel rap as a source of strength and a refuge from the pain and turmoil taking place within his family. As he cried out to God for help, he was given another outlet, poetry writing, where he could pour out his anguish and heart felt love for Christ on paper. It is Chris'  hope to inspire and help other people during difficult moments in their lives.  He hopes that the mistakes he made can help others resolve issues they face in their own life and marriages. 

Chris under the direction of the Holy Spirit later changed last name to Davios, breaking the generational curses and starting a new family linage.