• Meet the Director

    The Reason I wrote it


    My name is Chris Davios, a 25-year Law Enforcement veteran and film maker. I have seen many victims of child physical and sexual abuse in the legal system. As an officer who has helped many victims, all with different circumstances, one thing is consistent, physical, and sexual abuse has a negative effect on how the victims interprets the world around them.

    I will never forget this 911 call. As we arrived, I observed an aggressive young lady in the front yard with two 11” butcher knives, one in each hand. I rapidly exited the patrol car and yelled “Drop the knives!”, the tense young lady dropped the knives and immediately became compliant. Her whole attitude changed, although I heard what my partner, school resource officers, the mother and stepfather said, “She is an aggressive problem child,” I saw a victim. Based on my investigation I informed my partner what I believed to be the underlying reason. When we question our would be suspect, we found she was a victim of sexual abuse.

    Her stepfather was constantly molesting and assaulting this young girl in his attempts to have sex with her. The sadder fact was she told her mother, who called her a liar. The mother believed the husband over her daughter who he was sexually abusing. This case is not the only case of its’ nature, as many victims seeking help get further victimized. I thank God we were able to get help for this young lady, But I regret to say I never saw her again or know her outcome. She was one of many victims who was crying out, yet their voices are not heard.

    “R U Serious” movie is about the trauma’s of violence and sexual abuse. The movie helps to explain why victim’s behaviors are often misunderstood. Most abuse victims develop some form of depression, suicide, aggression, substance abuse, anxiety and or PTSD. The behaviors associated with their victimization often leads to them being further victimized from those they seek help from, family members, education system, and even the criminal justice system.

    During the present pandemic, child sexual abuse is on the rise. With a nationwide lock down child victims are being forced to be with their predators with nowhere to go. If nothing is done to help these victims, we will see the effects for several years to come.

    “R U Serious” shows the behaviors of the sexually abused victims, the miracles, grace, mercy, and love of God.

    Your Funding will be used to help victims of Child physical and sexual abuse.

    We are needing the following locations to shoot the film. A park with swings, a classroom, jail cell, Courtroom, hospital room, hotel room, small office and church sanctuary, a diner/small restaurant, and a funeral home in the Charlotte North Carolina area.

    We need volunteers of all types, especially, actors, crew/camera and equipment operators, …. experience is helpful but not necessary.

    If you or someone you know can assist with a location, financial donation, feeding the cast or maybe even some extras for the movie please contact me via email at producer@ruseriousmovie.com

If you would like to donate to the production costs of the movie, please inquire at Donations@ruseriousmovie.com or